Are you looking for cheap pet id tags?

Then this is the post for you!

Finding cheap pet id tags online can give you a bigger headache then spending all day banging your head against a brick wall.

It’s, long, tedious and most of the time ends up in us getting annoyed or giving up!

That is until this post was written!

Today we want to show you a little trick we use to get all our pet id tags completely free, without wasting time browsing reddit feeds

Here’s how:

Cheap Pet Id Tags…

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cheap pet id tags

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Your other option is listed in the video below:

But as we understand that DIY is not usually in a pet owners arsenal… You may want to stick to my recommendation.

After all these tags are free. Engraving is free. The only cost is in the shipping of your custom made cheap pet id tags to your doorstep.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and tune in next time for more helpful life hacks from Perris.

Have a great day and god bless you all,

Perris Miniatures

Why Your Pets Should Have Engraved Dog Id Tags On At ALL Times…

Are you a pet owner?

Do you pets wear dog id tags?

Engraved Dog Id Tags For Pets


According to statistics most pet owners don’t!

Instead they’re out searching for the latest gadget that will keep their pet safe…

Just like these lot at the Biz Journal…

If you are looking to spend hundreds of pounds on some fancy chip that tells you your dogs moods that’s fine…

But if you want Engraved Dog Id Tags For Pets at a fraction of the price you’d find anywhere else then keep reading!

See personally I take my dog everywhere I go…

He comes on every trip with me and to prepare I use the LA Times vacation guide (that you can find below):

But more so than that…

Bruno always wears his Dog Id Tags!


dog id tags


They cost a few pounds to buy….

They look great…

And Bruno loves it!

Whatsmore I know if he ever gets lost on one of his missions….

Somebody will find him, ring me and I can go and get him!


dog id tags engraved



It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

No sleepless night thinking the worst!

And all for a few pounds….

To learn more about engraved dog tags you can watch the video below:



Spoiler alert! It’s how the Americans advertise engraved id tags and if I were you…

I’d look at the price!

Search Dog Tags For Pets on google or click on the hyperlinks we’ve scattered above to access  the highest quality dog id tags on the internet for FREE!

Then get them engraved for free!

This is not a joke!

Simply cover the cost of shipping and handling your product and everything else is completely free of charge!



engraved id tags for dogs and pets


Don’t be a fool…

And don’t wait till it’s too late!

Get your dog some engraved dog id tags today and rest easy knowing they will always return home safe and sound.


Perris x