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Then this is the post for you!

Finding custom pet id tags online can give you a bigger headache then spending all day banging your head against a brick wall.

It’s, long, tedious and most of the time ends up in us getting annoyed or giving up!

That is until this post was written!

Today we want to show you a little trick we use to get all our pet id tags completely free, without wasting time browsing facebook groups

Here’s how:

Cheap Pet Id Tags…

Want custom id tags for your pets like these:

custom pet id tags

Without the premium cost?

Then visit Dog Tags For Pets on Facebook.

Start a chat with their customer service team and they will help to find your perfect pet id tag in minutes.

Then, send them the message you would like on your new pet tags and they’ll engraved it for you completely free!

Finally, pick up the insanely cheap shipping and handling charges for your new id tags and you will receive your brand new custom made id tags, on your doorstep in no time.

Your other option is to make one yourself. But I understand that DIY is not usually in a pet owners arsenal… You may want to stick to my recommendation.

After all these tags are free. Engraving is free. The only cost is in the shipping of your custom made cheap pet id tags to your doorstep.

If you can’t invest a few pounds in your pets safety then maybe you should question why you became a pet owner in the first place?

If however you care for your dog or cat then visit today and secure your pets safety for a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed this post and tune in next time for more helpful life hacks from Perris.

Have a great day and god bless you all,

Perris Miniatures